A Bit About Our Endz



We are Our Endz! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with us.

Our Endz  is synonymous with being liberated and free in all aspects, living a no capping life - no limits. Our Endz is your block, your home, its a destination or the place you go at the end of a journey. Its where you are from...its family.

Our name Our Endz and designs like Future Tun Up and others, are scriptures fused with our Jamaican culture, dialogue and Proverbs. It's getting across the Kingdom message of love, faith, purpose, boldness, victory in a unique and intentional way that sparks conversations.

It's coming out of the old and stepping into the new. The different design and expressions is used to bring forth this reality - GOD'S REALITY.

WE DETERMINE THE OUTCOME - what we put in we get out.

2 Cor 3:17 - Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY. And with liberty comes freedom through faith. Its about representing and expressing our true identity which is Kingdom identity. This can only come through CHRIST who is the way the truth and the life. - Jn 14:16

We have a God given purpose, there's greatness within us, we are more than just what meets the eyes. There is more, way more. We shouldn't be living from a place of lack and scarcity or fear and limitation but a place of prosperity and abundance in every area. We have a future of peace, prosperity with an expected end, that's God's plan for us. - Jer 29:11

We flipping the script of whatever we have gone through, whatever labels are out there. We are not victims, we are winners, we are triumphant, we are more than conquerors. It doesn't matter our backgrounds or where Our Endz is. After the things we've been there, some even more than others it's time. It's time for us live on the other side of all that. Here's to our new beginnings!  We are Our Endz!

- Anywhere. Everywhere.

- Our Endz. Never Endz. 


Mission - Empowerment. Growth. Development.

(promote change through upliftment, inspiration & encouragement while evolving and fostering different levels of creative expressions)

Vision - To effectively impact transformation and provide quality and comfort and become a global household name in the industry no matter the endz!

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